Kobe - The Pearl City

Pearl City KOBE

Kobe is located in between the major pearl farm areas in Japan, which are Mie, Ehime and Kyushu. It also possesses one of the biggest international ports in Japan. Pearl processers and dealers have been gathering in Kobe since the ancient times, attracting a lot of overseas pearl buyers to the city.

Kobe is one of the biggest pearl centers in the world.

Beside Japanese Akoya Pearls, large amounts of white lip pearls from Australia and Indonesia and black lip pearls from Tahiti are processed in Kobe and are then exported abroad.

Kobe is also known as the “Fashion City” of Japan.
Kobe beef and confectionery are especially famous among foreign people.

Kuramoto Pearl Co., Ltd is located in a quiet and hilly residential area in Nada-ward of Kobe city, close to landmarks like Oji Zoo and the Sakura Tunnel.

To get to our office, it takes 10 minutes from Hankyu Oji Koen Station on foot or 5 minutes from Shin-Kobe Station by taxi.